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Some things in life can be put off. Fortunately, quality health care doesn't have to be one of them. Health India Health card brings to you Preventive Health Care at an affordable cost for you and your loved ones. There are no denials from the fact that “Prevention is better than cure” and considering the high cost of the treatment today it is anyday wise to be alert and have your health checked up on regular intervals and stay healthy; and all this without a hold in your pocket.

We have aggregated one of the largest networks of Hospitals, Path Labs, Nursing Homes, Pharmacy, Ambulance Services, Blood availability, orthopedic products and other related services spread across India for you and your family.

Save on everyday healthcare expenses

Our FREE prescription and healthcare discount card* gives you and your family access to savings on a wide range of health care products and services including prescription drugs, lab tests, vision care, and dental care. It’s simple to use, and saves you and money!

Save up to 50% on a wide range of services

Doctor Visits – save up to 25%
Physicians, Cardiologist, Neurophysiologist, pediatrician, Surgeons all over India provide a full range of specialties and services.

Dental – save up to 30%
Health Card is accepted at our network provider locations nationwide, and covers all dental services and specialties, including orthodontia. Save up to 30% with no limitation on services or usage.

Vision – save up to 30%
Health Card is accepted by all our network vision care providers. Cardholders receive up to 30% savings on lenses, frames, and other vision needs.

Path Lab / Diagnostic Centres – save up to 50%
Health India provides some Home services. Sample pickup facility & report delivery on door huge savings on MRI, PET, and CT scans and many more.

Prescription Drugs – save up to 10%
Health Card is accepted at our network pharmacies nationwide. Brand name and generic drugs are included, with savings as high as 25%. Health Card may be used any time, with no annual limit. You can also upload prescription on website and get home delivery in 24 hours.

Speech & Hearing – save up to 25%
Health Card members receive a free hearing test and upto 25% discount on all services at network branches, with a Lifetime Care Program included.

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